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2004 Honda Accord

  • 2004 Honda Accord

    Honda Accord
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Inspected vehicle for previously recommend service items, and checked additional vehicle systems for any service needs. Found the following: Brake fluid dark – Recommend changing fluid. Power steering fluid ok. Transmission fluid ok. Coolant ok. Drive belt ok. Cabin air filter dirty – Recommend replacement of filter element. Spark plugs appear to have been replaced recently. Front and rear struts/shocks starting to seep – Recommend monitoring. Lower control arm bushings have cracks – Recommend monitoring. Front ball joints do not have any play at this time. Rear tires are 7 years old – Recommend replacement of rear tires soon.
    • Check brake fluid for moisture and contamination. Inspect all hydraulic line and hoses. Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders. Inspect master cylinder and cap. Drain and refill entire brake system including master cylinder, calipers, wheel cylinders. Bleed system until clean fluid is seen.
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