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2007 Jaguar XKR


Jaguar XKR

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Check charging system for proper output to battery. Load test battery. Check all wiring. Inspect belt and adjust as required. Test for current draw on electrical system and record findings. Tested starter, battery, and alternator. All tests passed. Battery is new. Checked for power draw in vehicle while locked, with key inside, and with windows down locked and unlocked. Once vehicle was asleep, power draw was 50 milliamps. This is a normal power draw, and will not drain a battery causing a no start condition. Connected scan tool and checked for error codes in vehicle computers. Found 1 low voltage code in infotainment module. Other codes stored included fuel pump authorization, ignition authorization, and start button invalid signal. These codes could be a sign of no start condition due to the key not being in vehicle, or not being recognized by vehicle. Cleared codes and test started vehicle multiple times. Rescanned and no starting issue codes returned. If no start condition happens again, further investigation will be required.
  • Inspected socket for power, none present. Traced wiring diagram to rear fuse panel for power supply. Checked panel and found fuse burnt out. Replaced fuse with new unit. Lighter socket now has power and is working normally.
Susan M. gave our service a 5 star review on 9/3/2021
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2017 Jaguar F-Pace


Jaguar F-Pace

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Removed rear bumper facial and install trailer hitch adapter, trim lower part of shield. Wire electrical connector. Put key and adapters inside case.
John K. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/6/2021
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