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2016 Land Rover LR4


Land Rover LR4

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  • Connected scan tool and checked vehicle for error codes. Found codes P0089-64(Fuel Pressure Regulator) and P0442(Small Evap Leak). Low fuel light was on. Added fuel and tested fuel system operation. ECM is up to date and fuel pressure sensor is within spec. Checked fuel pressure in line and confirmed low fuel pressure matches sensor readings. Recommend replacement of fuel pump assembly as first step. During refueling, heard noise coming from fuel tank, which may be cause of EVAP code. Removed lower covers and trim to access fuel tank. Supported tank on jack and removed mounting straps. Lowered tank to access wiring and hoses. Disconnected all connections and removed tank from vehicle. Removed original fuel pump assembly and replaced with new unit. Installed new tank seal with pump. Reinstalled fuel tank and connected all lines and wiring. Replaced fuel filter while tank was removed. Bled air from fuel system and cleared error codes. Test drove vehicle after completion of all repairs. Fuel pressure readings now within spec, and no error codes stored nor pending.
  • During vehicle inspection, noted coolant was low and coolant residue was present at rear of motor. Added water to system and pressure tested system. Found crossover pipe (officially referred to as the heater manifold) leaking coolant. Recommend replacement of leaking assembly. Removed engine covers, wiper assemblies, and cowl panels. Removed intake piping. Drained cooling system. Disconnected hoses and sensor wiring from manifold assembly. Removed heater manifold and cleaned mounting surfaces. Installed new manifold with supplied o-rings. Reconnected wiring and heater hoses. Reinstalled intake, cowl, wipers, and covers. Filled cooling system and pressure tested. No leaks and no loss of pressure while cold. Bled cooling system and test drove vehicle. Reinspected after test drive. Coolant level steady and no coolant residue present on engine or manifold.
MICHAEL B. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/18/2021
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