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2008 Volkswagen Jetta

  • 2008 Volkswagen Jetta

    Volkswagen Jetta
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    • Connect scan tool and checked for codes. Numerous codes stored throughout multiple modules. Air bag and check engine light are on dash. Codes in ECU are P3078(Idle Airflow Range) and P0411(Incorrect Airflow). Removed air intake and filter box to check intake for leaks. Commanded air injection pump to turn on via scan tool, pump is operating properly. Added smoke to system and turned pump on again. Found air leaks from both air injection hoses. During inspection, also found intake and throttle body covered with carbon buildup. Recommend replacing air injection hoses and performing a throttle body/intake cleaning.
    • Replace cracked air injection hoses. During repair, perform throttle body and intake cleaning. Clear codes and test drive vehicle to set emissions monitors and recheck for any error lights. Removed intake and engine covers. Removed cracked air injection hoses from pump to intake hose, and from pump to valve. Performed throttle body cleaning procedure while intake is off. Reset throttle body adaptations. Installed new air injection hoses and reinstalled intake piping and engine covers. Performed emissions monitor test via scan tool. After two tries, air injection monitor had not set. Pump is turning on at times during test drive. Noted brake pedal is hard sometimes during test drive. Recommend reattempting in morning with vehicle cold. After sitting over night, retried setting air injection emissions monitor. Monitor will not set via scan tool. Test drove again. Rescanned vehicle for error codes. No codes stored or pending at this time, and no check engine light on dash. Further time needed to diagnose air injection system if monitor does not self set.
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