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2012 Ford Escape

  • 2012 Ford Escape

    Ford Escape
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    • Tested HVAC system and confirmed customer concern. All functions working, except for fan speeds. Removed dash panels and glove box to access and inspect blower motor. Found no power to fan unless high is selected on switch. Removed blower motor resistor and checked continuity. Found no continuity in an of the resistance circuits, only the bypass (high speed). Recommend replacement of resistor to correct issue. Installed new resistor assembly and tested fan operation. All fan speeds now working properly. Reinstalled glove box, panels, and trim pieces to dash.
    • Noted first start took longer than normal to start. Retested starting system during blower motor repairs. Found the longer the vehicle sits, the worse the crank issue is. Scanned vehicle for error codes. Found codes B1318 (Battery Voltage Low), B1676 (ABS Module, Power Supply), U3003-16 (ABS Module, Battery Voltage Too Low), and U3003-17 (ABS Module, Battery Voltage Too High). Tested starting and charging system. Found system voltage low. With jump pack attached, vehicle started normally. Starter draw is ok, and alternator is charging properly. Battery failed load test due to bad cell. Monitored voltage during cranking without jump pack. Voltage dropping too low for control modules to turn on during initial cranking. After voltage returned to around 10volts vehicle started. Recommend replacement of battery. Removed battery cables and hold down. Removed failed battery and installed new unit. Cleaned cable ends and connected. Retested starting and charging system. All tests passed. No further long crank condition present. Reinstalled covers and trim pieces.
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