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2014 Jeep Cherokee

  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee

    Jeep Cherokee
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    • Check coolant level and condition. Pressure test cooling system for leaks. Inspect hoses and cooling system components. Check operation of cooling fans. Removed radiator cap and engine cover. Connected pressure tester and attempted to add pressure to system. Heard bubbling sound in driver side of engine bay. Checked for source of noise. Found heater hose fitting cracked and leaking. Hose goes from upper heat hose to lower radiator hose T. Recommend replacing hose with damaged fitting. Need to drain coolant and disconnect upper and lower radiator hoses from engine to access broken hose. Reconnect hoses after replacement and fill and bleed cooling system prior to checking for any additional leaks. Removed upper and lower radiator hoses from engine. Removed broken heater hose assembly. Replaced heater hose clamp with new unit and installed new hose. Reattached radiator hoses. Filled cooling system and pressure tested. No additional leaks present. Bled cooling system and test drove vehicle. No further overheating and coolant level is steady.
    HUY N. gave our service a 5 star review on 11/17/2020


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