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2017 Ford E-450 Super Duty

  • 2017 Ford E-450 Super Duty

    Ford E-450 Super Duty
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    • During service, found check engine light illuminated. Scanned vehicle for error codes. Found multiple misfire codes stored and current. One code in history for fuel tank vacuum issue (P1450). Cleared error codes and test drove vehicle. Monitored live data. Found misfires present on cylinder 4 and error code P0304 returned. Checked engine wiring and coil condition, OK. Removed spark plugs to check condition. Found plugs ok and coils are original. Recommend replacement of ignition coil before further diagnosis. Removed engine covers and intake piping. Disconnected ignition wiring and removed coil from engine. Installed new ignition coil on cylinder 4. Reinstalled intake components and engine covers. Cleared error codes and test drove vehicle. Misfire no longer present, and check engine light did not return. Rescanned vehicle. No error codes stored nor pending.
    Tami C. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/22/2024


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