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2017 Ford Explorer

  • 2017 Ford Explorer

    Ford Explorer
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Check charging system for proper output to battery. Load test battery. Check all wiring. Inspect belt and adjust as required. Test for current draw on electrical system and record findings. Jump started vehicle and checked charging system. Found battery not taking a charge, and alternator output is 0. Checked for power and signal to alternator, both OK. Recommend replacement of alternator, drive belt, and battery.
    • Install new battery. Clean cable ends. Perform battery adaptation to vehicle as needed.
    • Removed engine covers and splash shields. Loosened belt tensioner and removed serpentine belt. Removed alternator wiring and mounting hardware. Removed alternator from engine. Installed new alternator assembly using original mounting hardware. Inspected engine pulleys and accessories. Found belt tensioner is weak and pulleys are noisy/rough when spun by hand. Recommend replacement of tensioner also. Removed tensioner bracket and idler pulley assembly. Replaced with new unit. Routed new serpentine belt and released tensioner. Test started vehicle and checked charging system output after replacement of battery was complete. Charging system now working properly. Reinstalled covers and splash shields. Cleared error codes and test drove vehicle. Charging light did not return. No error codes stored nor pending.
    Blake A. gave our service a 5 star review on 4/3/2024


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