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2018 Land Rover Range Rover

  • 2018 Land Rover Range Rover

    Land Rover Range Rover
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    • Check coolant level and condition. Pressure test cooling system for leaks. Inspect hoses and cooling system components. Check operation of cooling fans. Pressure tested system and found water residue present around water pump and oil cooler assembly. Recommend replacement of water pump under warranty, and replacement of oil cooler
    • Drained cooling system. Removed engine covers, splash shields, and intake piping. Removed drive belt for supercharger and engine accessories. Drained cooling system. Disconnected coolant hoses to water pump and under manifold water distribution pipes. Removed supercharger and intake assembly from engine. Removed intercooler assembly to access oil cooler. Cleaned coolant residue from engine and mounting surfaces. Installed new oil cooler assembly with new gasket and associated cooling connections. Reinstalled intercooler and intake components with new gaskets. After replacement of water pump was completed, reconnected cooling hoses and pipes. Reinstalled drive belts. Filled cooling system and bled air from system. Pressure tested system. No further leaks present and pressure holding properly. Test drove vehicle and rechecked coolant level, OK.
    • Drained cooling system. Removed engine covers and splash shields. Loosened tensioner and removed drive belt. Disconnected and removed coolant lines, and radiator hose from pump and engine fittings. Removed belt tensioner. Removed water pump assembly from engine. After completion of pipe and valve replacement. Repaired damaged threads in engine. Installed new water pump, seals, and gasket. Reattached coolant hoses and pipes. Reinstalled belt tensioner and belt. Reinstalled intake piping. Filled cooling system and pressure tested. No leaks present.
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