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2018 Land Rover Range Rover

  • 2018 Land Rover Range Rover

    Land Rover Range Rover
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Light was on when vehicle was picked up, but was not on during initial service inspection. Test drove vehicle and tested suspension functions, vehicle raising and lowering as commanded. Connected scan tool and checked vehicle for error codes. Found multiple modules with 1 or 2 codes stored. Most codes are for lost communication issues, but some have internal faults. Sent error log to remote access provider for any indicators of source of fault. Cleared error codes and rescanned vehicle. After service, test drove vehicle again and no codes returned. Remote access support recommended checking for moisture intrusion into wiring connectors to suspension control components. Removed right rear wheel and fender liner to inspect module and wiring. Found no current moisture present inside of connectors. Checked wires for proper continuity or shorts. All ok. Cleaned connectors and sealed with dielectric grease where applicable. Reinstalled connectors, fender liner, and wheel. Removed interior rear seat and trim panels to access suspension control module. Checked wiring for moisture or continuity issues, all ok. Reinstalled interior trim and seat components. Test drove again and rechecked suspension operation, OK. No further warning lights present on dash.
    • Includes: Change engine oil and filter. Check transmission fluid level and adjust as needed. Check coolant condition and pressure check system. Check brake fluid level and condition. Check power steering fluid level and condition. Check belts; coolant, fuel, and vacuum hoses for damage/degradation. Check antenna operation (if applicable). Lube all doors and latches. Tighten door brake fasteners. Lube hood hinges and latch. Check differential fluid level. Check axle boots, CV joints, and/or U-Joints for damage. Check wheel bearings for play. Check parking brake operation. Check for fluid leaks. Check interior and exterior lights. Check wiper and washer jet operation. Check tire wear and condition. Set tire pressures to specification. Vacuum cowl. Check intake and cabin air filters. Test drive vehicle.
    • Inspected rear center console for proper operation. Cup holder extension working properly and console clears child seat ok. Checked 3rd row seat and found center section not fully latched. Closed latch on 3rd row and rechecked center console of 2nd row. Console now working properly.
    • Replace wiper blades on vehicle.
    • During service, refilled washer fluid reservoir and found a leak originating from front right of vehicle. Removed front wheel and fender liner to access washer fluid system. Found hose from pump torn and fluid leaking from it. Trimmed damaged section and installed good end onto pump fitting. Refilled system. No further leaks present. Reinstalled fender liner and wheel. Tested washer operations, all ok.
    • Replace cabin filter element. Reassemble filter housing and access panel.
    • During service, found cooling system not holding pressure. Removed engine covers and splash shields to inspect vehicle for source of leak. Found coolant leak coming from thermostat tube attachment to water pump. Removed intake piping and drive belt to access leak. Drained cooling system and removed thermostat housing and tube from vehicle. Installed new tube and seals with original thermostat assembly. Reconnected hoses. Filled cooling system and reinstalled intake piping. Pressure tested cooling system again. Pressure holding properly and no further leaks present. Reinstalled engine covers and splash shields.
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